Advanced Learning Library and Children’s STEM Garden

The Advanced Learning Library is Wichita’s newest public library location and the third central library building in our city’s history. Many of the new features of the library showcase kinesthetic, visual, and auditory learning experiences, like the 3-D printer in the TECnovation room. There is a 16×9 foot video screen, an AV studio, a technology training center, self-checkout kiosk, charging ports, and over 50 public computers all running on gigabit internet speed.

The library also includes three collaboration spaces with seating for up to six people and numerous meeting rooms that can accommodate groups from 20 to 300 people. A unique feature is the 10,000 SF children’s pavilion. It is complete with cloud ceilings, tree lighting and comfy reading spaces. The pavilion is full of learning activities including an outdoor STEM play space, an interactive floor near the entrance, book subject neighborhoods and a quiet room for children with sensory sensitivity. Also, the 2nd floor east wing features an outdoor roof patio deck that is used as a cultural gathering space.


Wichita, Kansas


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