Barton Solvents Inc.

Barton Solvent’s new facility was developed in conjunction with the master campus plan for B.G. Products. Since the site was undeveloped, it was necessary to make several things happen before Barton Solvents would be fully functional. Barton Solvents receives most of their product via rail service, so Barton worked with the City of El Dorado to install 700 feet of rail spur off the main line to accommodate their rail needs. The project also required all streets, utilities, water, sanitary sewer, storm drainage and electrical brought directly to the site. The project consisted of a 6,000 SF office building, 41,500 SF manufacturing and distribution plant with a covered dock and a 13,500 SF attached canopy over the truck unloading areas. There are over 240,000 SF of heavy-duty concrete paving to allow access for transport trucks around the site, and this also allows space for parking.

El Dorado, KS


Design - Build


PBA Architects