Evergy Service Center

This service center, located in the Webb Business Park, is the new hub for all field operations that serve the Wichita metro area. The 19-acre campus consists of three buildings that use a mix of conventional steel framing and pre-engineered metal building (PEMB) materials. The main building consists of a conventional steel office, two PEMB truck bays, and a PEMB warehouse. The interior office building has storefront office walls, locker rooms, a cubicle office area, and crew rooms to house the service department. The PEMB fleet garage and PEMB storage building are also on campus. The service yard is 530,000 SF of 7” concrete paving while the parking lot is 74,000 SF of 5.5” concrete paving.


Wichita, Kansas


Prime Contractor 

Square Feet:

19-Acre Campus with over 129,000 SF of facilities, including: 30,000 SF Office, 45,000 SF PEM Warehouse and (2) 34,000 SF PEMB Truck Bays


Alloy Architecture