Goddard Splash Pad

The City of Goddard has added a new amenity for residents to enjoy in addition to their pool; a splash park and pavilion. The interactive splash park has 20 water features.

  • A Mega Water Bucket fills up with water before dumping onto the platform roof and then onto anyone below.
  • Two Aim N Sprays that shoot out a stream of water.
  • A Rotating Mister that swivels to mist everyone around.
  • The Rotating Water Arch Bar emits streams of water from a low bar.
  • A Sit N Soaker that streams an arc of water from the top of the bench onto users.
  • A Shower Water Dome that spreads water over the outside of the dome before showering users below.
  • Two Water Bugs emit streams from a low cap on the ground.
  • The park also features a playground, two separate shade sail covered seating areas and a wooden pavilion structure.

Goddard, Kansas


Prime Contractor 


Shelden Architecture