Kapaun Mt. Carmel Athletic Complex & Commons

Dondlinger Construction built the original Mt. Carmel High School back in 1961. As the high school grew, we constructed several of the upgrades that have helped to further the services the school is able to offer to students and staff.

During the second phase, the athletic lockers and offices were re-purposed into new classroom spaces. The commons was added to the school and serves as an eating space, cafeteria, and main entrance. Restrooms that double as storm shelters were also added to the space.

The athletic complex was the third phase of a five-part expansion for the school. The two-story complex features a 2,150-seat gymnasium, a weight room, wrestling room, four locker rooms, a training room, referee’s and coaches’ offices, a concession stand and a spirit store. There is also an alumni banquet room that overlooks the gymnasium.


Wichita, Kansas




Architectural Innovation