Learjet Building 6G

This 98,000 SF building was a pre-engineered structure to get the new “Globel Express” certified for Bombardier/Learjet to market this new airplane. This project was to be design/build, and the team was assembled to work with the Owner representatives to get this building ready for one of the largest airplanes in the Bombardier fleet (at this time). The project was started in April for a completion in November as the first of the new planes was set to arrive the first of December. The information about the new Global Express was received late in the design stage, and the requirements for the new airplane were incorporated in the design and construction at about the same time.

The support facility was being worked out as the construction on the hangar proceeded, and the people were to move from Canada at the end of December. All of the work was completed on time, and the people and the new airplanes were moved into the new Flight Test Facility.


Wichita, Kansas




Howard + Helmer Architects