Murphy Tractor Supply

This project consisted of a new 15,000 square foot facility for maintenance and parts sales for the Murphy Tractor and Equipment Company as part of the new business development park owned by Monarch Cement Company. This facility is part of a Monarch Cement Company’s initiative to bring more businesses to the city of Humboldt. Since Murphy Tractor and Equipment Company is the first tenant, new paving and utility services were brought into the development park including gas, electrical, water, and sewer.

Some of the features include two full-service drive-thru truck bays, with vehicular exhaust systems. There is a large break room and kitchenette, as well as restrooms, showers and locker room area. The front entry includes retail service counter as well as office space all well as polished concrete floors. The structure is pre-engineered steel resting beside insulated concrete formed walls topped with hollow-core precast to create a safe room for the employees during severe weather.


Humboldt, KS




Architectural Development Services, LLC