Redbud Trail

The I‐235 and Kellogg interchange is one of the most traveled interchanges in the state. When the cloverleaf design of the previous interchange was built in 1962, it saw 16,000 cars using it daily. In 2014, that number had increased to 140,000 cars per day. The completion of this project fixed a previously dangerous intersection of tight cloverleaf ramps with elevated flyover ramps that improve safety and convenience for drivers.   

Two of the loop ramps were replaced by elevated flyover ramps and one ramp was reconstructed to widen the cloverleaf, allowing for a more generous turning radius. In addition to those improvements, auxiliary lanes along I‐235 between Kellogg Avenue and Central Avenue were constructed. The Kellogg bridge over West Street was widened to accommodate the new ramp lanes. At least 1 lane of traffic each way was maintained during the project.

This multi-year, multi-phase project was open to unrestricted traffic almost 8 months ahead of schedule.


Wichita, Kansas


Prime Contractor 


TranSystems Corporation