St. Joseph Catholic Church Fire Restoration

Lightning struck the church before morning services on June 24, 2018. The fire and water used to extinguish the fire caused extensive damage to the roof structure and interior of the 107-year-old building. Our firm was notified immediately after the fire was extinguished to help the parish and Catholic Mutual Insurance develop a budget and schedule for repairing the church. But, nine months later, the church was reborn. Our first field work was starting the clean-up efforts and moving salvaged items to security storage. Our next efforts were to laser scan the entire church so the restorage work would be installed to match the existing exactly. The structural steel rafters in the roof have been replaced as have the shingles. Inside, the plaster has been resurfaced and painted. New bathrooms and a new heating and air-conditioning system have been installed. The electrical system throughout the church is new as is the plumbing. New LED lighting and a new sound system are in place. The floor coverings are new, and the pews have been refinished. The alters have been repaired and renovated along with the church’s statues and the Stations of the Cross. The west sacristy is now an adoration chapel, and the baptistry has been enlarged.

Andale, Kansas


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LK Architecture