ITI – Wickham Glass

The company’s Wickham Glass division is one of the city’s largest suppliers of glass for commercial buildings. The company’s ITI Glass division manufactures tempered and insulated glass and sells it regionally. The added spaced allowed Wickham to buy a new furnace to make new glass products for much larger building projects.

Wickham wanted the building to stand the test of time, and to that end was designed with a conventional structural steel frame with the exterior walls being cast-in-place tilt up concrete panels. The concrete wall panels are 31’ high by 14’ wide and 7” thick. The roof is a TPO roof system. The aluminum fabrication plant has one overhead door and the glass manufacturing plant has five overhead doors at their respective shipping and receiving dock. There is a safe room constructed out of concrete masonry units with a precast roof lid.


Bel Aire, KS




WDM Architects