About Us​

We are a fourth-generation, employee-owned company that has served the construction industry since 1898. Today we are construction managers, general contractors, and design/builders who have built and manages some of the most notable and challenging projects in the state of Kansas. We have set the standard for top quality projects with dedication and commitment to a high level of customer satisfaction, delivered safely and on time by a team of talented individuals who are experts in their field and love what they do.

Our Values

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At Dondlinger, our employees are invested stakeholders in our success and future. We know the value of committed individuals, and our aim is to reward their loyalty to our company. This philosophy leads to increased productivity, improved employee retention, and motivates us all to strive for the highest quality outcomes for our clients. Dondlinger Construction offers people opportunities to develop and grow on the job, in the classroom and on the project.

The result: a homegrown, dedicated workforce with unparalleled experience and passion for the work they do.

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