Underground Utilities

Aquatic design and construction requires specialized expertise and in-depth understand of the many systems involved in the complex operation of water parks, swimming pools and splash pads. Dondlinger Construction has experts in new pool construction and pool renovation that will be with your team from start all the way to completion.


When it comes to reliable educational construction, Dondlinger has never missed an opening day of class. Whether a project entails K-12 school construction, or university or college construction, our teams work through every detail of the project from conception to completion and startup to ensure that every factor is considered, including the development of realistic budgets and schedules, and developing a schedule that minimizes disruption to classes and overall operations.


Office buildings come with a unique set of characteristics, challenges, and considerations. Our attention-to-detail, vast experience and ability to work in occupied spaces ensure that all the elements of your project come together on time, within budget, and of the highest quality.


Our strength is the ability to assist our retail clients specifically based on their unique scope of work at any point in the new or renovation process. The extensive planning and resources that go into completing a retail project such as mast planning and budget development, begins long before construction is underway.


We know that modifying, expanding or developing new facilities requires a multi-faceted planning approach throughout design and construction. Dondlinger provides expertise relative to a wide variety of patient care facilities and construction methods, and delivers insight to your vision in order to enhance the construction experience. 

Industrial & Manufacturing

Each industrial and manufacturing facility requires a solid understanding of your business. At Dondlinger, we have the know-how and technical expertise to ensure that your new or renovated facility is the best it can be. We analyze each project to develop cost-effective solutions, always keeping flexibility, maintainability, and long-term operational costs in mind.

Sports & Entertainment

On game day, when the fans are cheering and the players are full of excitement, the purpose of your sports and entertainment facility is realized. Our team of construction experts share your passion for building premiere sports and entertainment facilities. Our goal is to ensure that building or renovating your facility is as rewarding as game day.


Dondlinger has established a reputation for building very unique and complex facilities that serve as focal points to the cities and communities we build in. There projects are cultural landmarks and community anchors that, at their best, inspire, educate, and connect us. Our range of experience taking on projects means we understand the specific challenges that one-of-a-kind projects present.