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Dondlinger Construction works hard to conserve the environment and strives to protect the world we work in every day. A large portion of demolition concrete and asphalt is disposed of by conventual land filling. Dondlinger Construction offers a green alternative to that practice by recycling aggregate products. The Dondlinger Companies have operated in Kansas for over one hundred and twenty-five years, we are committed to recycling as part of our plan to protect the state where we work and live for years to come.

Once the removed concrete and asphalt is crushed it is used as aggregate bases, structural fill, topsoil and in some instances is added to new paving mixes. When required Dondlinger’s crushed aggregates can be tested conform to KDOT current specifications. Aggregate products made from recycled concrete and asphalt not only conserves the environment, but it can also be a cost saving for our many customers.

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Material Sales at the Custer Yard

We are always seeking new and innovative ways to use products, processes, and methodologies that save energy, conserve natural resources, and accomplish more with fewer environmental impacts. A cornerstone of our efforts is the use of recycled materials in the construction materials that we produce, but our endeavors go beyond recycled construction materials.

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